The Best Sexual Enhancement Pills For Men 2022

In the article above about male supplements, they didn’t really find any difference in erectile function after drinking pomegranate as just daily for four weeks. Also, if you’re taking anything with pomegranate in it, you need to be careful if you have certain medications that are processed by the liver, or if you have high blood pressure, cuz it can counteract with a lot of blood pressure medication. The next ingredient is something we already covered and that’s L Aine cell male extra. I don’t think you’re all that the next supplement we’re gonna look at is Verin and Verin has a disclaimer on its website, which says exactly the FDA has not evaluated any statements that are made by the company. And the supplement product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. So again, I think use this with caution because they’re trying to protect themselves obviously from any sort of liability, but again, these supplements are not regulated by the FDA.

So, so far I’m not really that impressed by any of them. Although the ingredients, you know, may show some promise in some studies, nothing is a home run and nothing is conclusive. So let’s see what this one has. This one has L Aine, which we already talked about as well as horny goat, weed, which we talked about as well. And it has another thing called MAA. MAA is a Peruvian root vegetable. That’s similar to a radish and this has been thought to increase sexual desire. And there is one study on MAA where they gave it to 57 men and compared it to, or taking some sugar pill and they found that it was somewhat effective again, small study, um, and may be useful, but we’re not really sure. And so the nice part about Maka is there’s really not a lot of side effects or contraindications, at least that have been reported with this particular ingredient.

The most common ones are usually mild and they’re, uh, kind of some moodiness, some abdominal cramps and occasionally insomnia. But again, there wasn’t a whole long litany of things to look out for. The next ingredient is Ginkgo below and Ginkgo below is extracted from the leaves of the Ginkgo tree, which is a Chinese tree. Inova has been used for years in ancient Chinese medicine. And what they presume the mechanism of action is, is that it also increases the bioavailability of nitric oxide. But there was a study done, a randomized study where they used GCO below and compared it to placebo. And they found that there was really no statistical, significant difference in erectile function. So I don’t think this really works that well. Also there’s a lot of reported side effects with Ginkgo below us, specifically a lot of anxiety, a risk of spontaneous bleeding, and it really can contraindicate with a lot of other medications that impact the central nervous system.

You want to be careful for sure and trust me when I say that I did my research on the right choice for treating my own erectile dysfunction. I’ll link to one site that did a good job crystalizing what sexpills that will actually do you good down below:

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